Thursday, October 10

Park Shops

The university will remain open, but no classes will be held.

The Giraffe Boa, courtesy of the Hokes Archives

This exhibit features factitious historical and scientific parodies by Beauvais Lyons, director of the Hokes Archives and art professor at the University of...

Southbound-Photographs of and about the New South

What comes to mind when one envisions the South? Depending on perspective, time frame and the individual, the answers to this question can quickly become...

Talley Student Union

For many involved in sponsored programs administration, moving into a leadership position is a goal. While a wealth of information is available on...


It is a pivotal time for STEM education research. This national gathering will serve as a forum for those engaged in this work to come together and share...


The Womxn of Color Retreat (WOCR) focuses on awareness-building, reflection and actualization. Sponsored by the NC State Women’s Center and campus partners,...

 GLBT Community Alliance Study Hours

Need a quiet place to study? Drop by the GLBT Center lounge for the GLBT Community Alliance's study hours.

Thursday, October 10