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Thursday, October 17

Research Operations Council

College associate deans for research and other research stakeholders make up the Research Operations Council (ROC). Chaired by the vice chancellor, the ROC...

Mixtape Series: Money Matters

Getting used to living on a graduate student budget? Multicultural Student Affairs can help. Join us for a budget discussion that will include tips and...

Monthly Terrace Dinner

Join us at the Terrace Dining Room in the Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse for a three-course dinner. Make your reservation online or call (919) 515-4343.

Opening Reception: Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology

Are scientists and engineers in charge of the future, or do artists have a role, too? What happens when artists appropriate the scientific tools and...

 GLBT Community Alliance Study Hours

Need a quiet place to study? Drop by the GLBT Center lounge for the GLBT Community Alliance's study hours.

Thursday, October 17