Wednesday, December 11

Gregg Museum

Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology: Shaping Our Genetic Futures is a visually stunning and thought-provoking exhibition aimed at raising awareness about...

The Giraffe Boa, courtesy of the Hokes Archives

This exhibit features factitious historical and scientific parodies by Beauvais Lyons, director of the Hokes Archives and art professor at the University of...

Southbound-Photographs of and about the New South

What comes to mind when one envisions the South? Depending on perspective, time frame and the individual, the answers to this question can quickly become...

Chili Challenge

Join the chefs at Fountain Dining Hall for a campus throw down.

WC Exam Study Break: Cookies and Compliments

Take a break from studying to enjoy some treats. Decorate cookies with compliments to eat or share with your friends.

Kanban Board demonstration at PMAC meeting

Connect with NC State staff and faculty interested in or working in general project management or agile project management areas. We will discuss all things...

Wednesday, December 11