Friday, October 2

Talley Student Union

This is the last day for undergraduate students to drop a course without receiving a W grade.

D.H. Hill Jr. Library

MyPack Portal will close for student-initiated schedule revisions at 11:59 p.m. All schedule revisions made after this date will require a schedule revision...


Grades for the fall 2020 first eight-week session are due by 11:59 p.m.

Students participating in LHM Kickoff.

As we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, join us on a virtual tour. You'll learn about Latino organizations at NC State during the tour and upcoming events. To...

Virtual Event
NC State Women’s Center Coloring Book

Many survivors of interpersonal violence find healing and recovery through grounding practices of mindfulness and artistic expression. This opportunity is...

8 am
Virtual Event
Objects of Intention: Photography of Stephen Althouse

In this exhibition, photographer Stephen Althouse showcases powerful and startling images of age-old agricultural implements, providing a visual language...

Money Talks

Money Talks are opportunities for students to chat one-on-one with a financial wellness coach. Regardless of your level of experience with personal...

Kaffeeklatsch: German Social Hour

Delta Phi Alpha, a German honor society, invites you to join its members for kaffeeklatsches, informal social gatherings that feature coffee and...

3 pm
Virtual Event
Consent 101

Join the Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. for a workshop designed to provide participants with information on consent and communication regarding sex....

7 pm
Virtual Event

Friday, October 2