Wednesday, January 13

Hunt Library

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the 2020-21 academic year, Project SAFE is now an on-demand workshop series open to NC State students, staff, faculty and...

9 am
Virtual Event
A Thousand Throws Art Installation by Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston combines his interest in architecture, engineering, installation art and various traditions of making pottery to create works that control...

Animate Earth-Adventures in Mimetolithia by Andy Nasisse

Artist Andy Nasisse plays with a deeply planted instinct of "seeing things in things" by focusing his lens on naturally eroded rock formations (mimetoliths...

Objects of Intention: Photography of Stephen Althouse

In this exhibition, photographer Stephen Althouse showcases powerful and startling images of age-old agricultural implements, providing a visual language...

NC State Memorial Belltower Default Photo

The Career Development Center is excited to host a pre-semester Professional Development Boot Camp. You will learn the secrets to career success from Marcy...

1 pm
Virtual Event
What's Going On in Washington?

Join political science professors Steven Greene, Irwin Morris and Andrew Taylor as they discuss how to make sense of shocking events that occurred at the...

4 pm
Virtual Event
Turath: Omar Offendum

Omar Offendum is a Syrian-American hip-hop artist, designer, poet and peace activist. He tours the world performing internationally at music festivals,...

6 pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, January 13