Wednesday, February 10

A Thousand Throws Art Installation by Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston combines his interest in architecture, engineering, installation art and various traditions of making pottery to create works that control...

Animate Earth-Adventures in Mimetolithia by Andy Nasisse

Artist Andy Nasisse plays with a deeply planted instinct of "seeing things in things" by focusing his lens on naturally eroded rock formations (mimetoliths...

Objects of Intention: Photography of Stephen Althouse

In this exhibition, photographer Stephen Althouse showcases powerful and startling images of age-old agricultural implements, providing a visual language...

Meet With a Peace Corps Recruiter

Peace Corps service is the opportunity of a lifetime. Schedule time with a local recruiter who can answer your questions about what it's like to live, learn...

11 am
Virtual Event
Hunt Library

Join us on Twitch for a conversation about open science and tea. Micah Vandegrift, open knowledge librarian, and Sheila Saia, a postdoctoral research...

12 pm
Virtual Event

The Wolfpack Wellness Power Lunch Series is designed to promote employee health and well-being through empowerment, education and connection. Join us for a...

12:30 pm
Virtual Event
The Point Chancellor's Residence

Sometimes we can feel lost in "the cloud" as we zoom from meeting to meeting, trying to form digital connections without an opportunity to talk about what is...

1 pm
Virtual Event
Global Training Initiative's Developing Cultural Competence

The Developing Cultural Competence co-curricular virtual exchange program has replaced its in-person lecture with self-paced individual learning modules so...

5 pm
Virtual Event
Queer Media

Join Queer Media as we talk about queer movies, TV, zines and more. We analyze, critique and share perspectives on the media we consume.

5 pm
Virtual Event
University Theatre Out Loud: The Bitches by Brie Knight

Set in a doggie hotel, Pekingese, a Great Dane, and a black Lab dissect humanitarianism and debate their ability to change the world. The Out Loud series...

7 pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, February 10