Thursday, June 3

A Thousand Throws Art Installation by Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston combines his interest in architecture, engineering, installation art and various traditions of making pottery to create works that control...

Animate Earth-Adventures in Mimetolithia by Andy Nasisse

Artist Andy Nasisse plays with a deeply planted instinct of "seeing things in things" by focusing his lens on naturally eroded rock formations (mimetoliths...

NC Tomato Club History and Transcribathon

In the 1910s, Jane McKimmon’s tomato club movement taught young girls in North Carolina how to grow, can and sell their own tomatoes, as part of a broader...

12 pm
Virtual Event
Show and Tell: Photography of Chris Hondros

Chris Hondros was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize for his 2002 photo of Liberian loyalist commander Joseph Duo exulting after firing a rocket at rebel...

4 pm
Virtual Event

Thursday, June 3