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A Conversation and Workshop With Descalza Creator and Founder Lisbeth Arias

Born in El Salvador and raised in North Carolina, Lisbeth Carolina Arias has woven her story as an immigrant of the United States into a clothing brand that...

3/2 3 pm
A/V Geeks at the Hunt Library : Let’s Talk About Animals

Join A/V Geeks founder and NC State alumnus Skip Elsheimer and Nicole Welk-Joerger, a postdoctoral teaching scholar in agricultural history at NC State, as...

3/5 3 pm
Sharing Our Streams

After spending the bulk of 2020 in front of Zoom, many of us have been thinking about how the virtual platforms we choose for communication influence the way...

3/12 12 pm
Making Space: LEGOfied

Everybody seems to love Lego bricks, and the little plastic bricks have become an international phenomenon. Nick Taylor and Sarah Evans will discuss their...

3/18 1:30 pm
Hunt Library

Trained student volunteers from the Campus Conversation Project will facilitate a discussion on the opportunity gap. This session is open to students,...

3/18 7 pm