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University Theatre Out Loud:  Life Is a Dream Adapted by Nilo Cruz

In Nilo Cruz’s sublime translation of Calderón de la Barca’s classic, the question of whether life is a dream or an illusion takes on a renewed relevance and...

3/1 7 pm
A Thousand Throws Art Installation by Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston combines his interest in architecture, engineering, installation art and various traditions of making pottery to create works that control...

3/2 10 am
Animate Earth-Adventures in Mimetolithia by Andy Nasisse

Artist Andy Nasisse plays with a deeply planted instinct of "seeing things in things" by focusing his lens on naturally eroded rock formations (mimetoliths...

3/2 10 am
Objects of Intention: Photography of Stephen Althouse

In this exhibition, photographer Stephen Althouse showcases powerful and startling images of age-old agricultural implements, providing a visual language...

3/2 10 am
How To Theatre:  Tambour Embroidery

University Theatre's How To Theatre is a series of interactive lessons in various production techniques that work beyond the walls of the theater. Join us to...

3/2 4:30 pm