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A turntable

Join us for the Blackalicious story and lots about hip-hop, careers in music, success and more. In a hip-hop career more than two decades long, Blackalicious...

Jan 21, 11 am

NC State University students will discuss how they used drones during a cross-disciplinary, two-month field experience in Namibia. Larry Silverberg of the...

Jan 23, 4 pm

Data visualization is inherently visual. Does that mean people with visual impairments or blindness are out of luck? Not anymore. Join Ed Summers, a blind...

Jan 24, 9:30 am
A bowl of popcorn

The Bauhaus was a utopian design and architecture school that has influenced designers and educators around the world since its founding 100 years ago. This...

Jan 28, 7 pm
A group of girls

Join us as we hear the story of Girls Rock NC from Executive Director Mary Alta and several of the people who make this wonderful organization possible. The...

Jan 30, 4 pm