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Are you a data science instructor, researcher or interest group or just passionate about elevating data science? If yes, you won’t want to miss the Data Science and AI Education Share Fair: ADAPT Model Implementation. The fair revolves around the DSA ADAPT course model (All-campus Data science through Accessible Project-based Teaching and learning), a cutting-edge framework for developing and teaching data science. The project goal is to foster a comprehensive understanding and effective implementation of this model across various educational settings. You should attend the fair to:

  • Discover innovative teaching strategies. Learn how to integrate the ADAPT framework effectively into your data science teaching practices.
  • Focus on project-based learning. Dive deep into the benefits and methodologies of project-based learning in data science courses.
  • Explore data science learning elements: Gain insights into the essential elements of data science education and how to incorporate them effectively.
  • Promote identity-conscious education. Understand the importance of identity-conscious choices in your curriculum.

We will record the sessions during this virtual event. 

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