2 Broughton Dr., Raleigh, NC 27695

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The focus of the symposium will be on Biomimicry Across Scales: From Macro to Molecular. At the macro level, biomimicry includes looking to nonhuman species for insights in design and engineering, such as analyzing gecko feet to make a better adhesive or studying termite mounds to create sustainable building systems. At the molecular level, biomimicry includes using or simulating biological systems as tools, such as exploring the use of DNA to store data or creating organoids and 3D cell culture to mimic human tissues.

The morning part of the symposium will be a series of talks open to the NC State community and the general public where scholars present their work and ideas. The goal of the talks is to connect individuals already engaged in biomimicry research with those who may be in the future. In the afternoon, a subset of morning participants will convene a think tank-style meeting in order to begin drafting a conceptual review paper on the field and a white paper to be used in NC State planning.

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