How to Submit a University Event

How should I log in to the new calendar?
You can click the “Log In” button on the calendar home page to log in with your NC State Unity account.

What type of events are suitable for the calendar?
University-centered events open to audiences including students, faculty/staff and the general public. Events geared toward exclusive audiences, such members of particular clubs or departments, are not suitable for this calendar. To be considered for the calendar, events must also be held on campus or involve members of the NC State community.

How do I create an event?
Click the “Submit an Event” button. Your event will need the following:

How do I choose a location for my event?
In the “place” field, start typing the name of the building in which your event is happening and you will see a drop-down list of suggestions. For example, typing “student” allows you to choose from Student Health Services Center, Talley Student Union and Witherspoon Student Center. Once you select a place, the address will automatically populate in the field below. Please ensure your location isn’t in the existing list before you add it manually. You can also add a room to specify the exact location.

Do I have to add a photo? What happens if I don’t?
A photo increases the chance viewers will pay attention to your listing. We recommend including an image that reflects the nature of your event -- a photo of the guest speaker, gallery exhibition, activity, etc. If you do not have a photo to accompany your listing, you can browse our library of images to see if one is suitable.

My event is at multiple times on multiple days. How do I enter that?
To create a recurring event, follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the start date and start and end times for the event.
  2. Choose the option under “repeating” that best fits your event schedule. For example, if you’re submitting an exhibit that’s open every day but Monday, choose “every day,” and you can remove the Monday events in the next step.
  3. Choose an end date or number of recurrences.
  4. Click “Add above to schedule.”
  5. You should see all the dates for your event listed on the form. If you need to remove any of the occurrences, click the trash can icon. If you need to edit the times of any of the occurrences (for example, if the exhibit is open an hour later on Tuesdays), click the pencil icon and make the edits.
  6. If you entered the wrong dates, times or recurrences, make the necessary corrections and check the “Overwrite scheduled dates” box. The red button will then say “Replace Existing Schedule.”

What’s the difference between “Repeating” and “Every”?
“Repeating” allows you to choose the duration of your event. You can do this by selecting an end date for your event or choosing the number of times your event will occur. “Every” allows you to choose how often your event will occur within that time frame.

What do all the filters mean? How do I know the right ones to pick?
Choose the options from the drop-down menus that best reflect the nature of your event. The calendar editor will determine whether they are accurate and make appropriate changes.

What happens when I submit my event?
Your event will not automatically publish; it goes into a queue where the calendar editor will review it to ensure it meets guidelines for publication. Listings that do not meet the guidelines will be rejected along with an explanation why. Please allow up to two business days for your event to be approved or rejected.

Can I make changes to my event after I’ve submitted it?
Yes. To edit an event you created, log in to the calendar and navigate to that event listing. In the lower right corner, you should see a red box that says “Edit Event.” Clicking the button will open the event submission form, with the fields you submitted populated. Make the necessary edits, and click “Save event.” Please note that if you make changes after your event has been published, it will go back into the pending events queue and must be re-approved by the calendar editor.

How can I get my event featured?
The calendar editor decides which events to feature. However, here are some tips to help you boost the visibility of your event.

What if I need help?
Please contact us if you have questions or need help submitting an event.

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